Do Your Own Divorce in Oklahoma

Do Your Own Divorce in Oklahoma

First of all, the cost of going through a divorce in Oklahoma can be astoundingly difficult. Also due to high attorney fees and lengthy waiting periods, the financial burden of divorce in Oklahoma can be cumbersome! Good news for you is that there are options which allow you to do your own divorce in Oklahoma!

It seems like the Do Your Own Divorce in Oklahoma option has been around for years. At one point, according to that link, there were kits available for as little as $18! So, since that time things have gotten a bit more complicated. Good news for the couple who Agree on the do your own divorce in Oklahoma option; some options don’t cost $2,000.00!

Mediated Divorce Option – Settle Contested Matters

Thus, Articles On Divorce offers a do your own divorce in Oklahoma package which encompasses several options. The first option comes in the form of a mediated settlement. A mediated divorce is a divorce in which a couple sits down with a neutral third-party mediator, whose sole purpose is to settle divorce in an office environment, versus going to court and arguing in front of a judge! We offer divorce mediation for the parties who need to settle and agree before the do your own divorce in Oklahoma option is viable.

The 2nd option, which is our MOST POPULAR option for the do your own divorce in Oklahoma program, is to let Articles On Divorce prepare your documents for you! This option works as follows:


  1. One or both spouses schedules an appointment in our office to sit down with one of our mediators, who will go over all aspects of the divorce process.
  2. Once all information has is obtained, Articles On Divorce will draft all necessary documents which the customer wants for filing at the Court Clerks office. (specific to the county you reside in)
  3. One or both spouses can then meet back in our office at the proper time to receive the completed documents and to review divorce filing instructions.
  4. The Petitioning spouse (Petitioner) will then file the divorce petition at the courthouse at their convenience.
    1. Keep in mind, that Articles On Divorce staff is here to assist the parties should they become confused or need help with revisions during the process!

Do Your Own Divorce in Oklahoma – F.A.Q.S.

Some common questions include the following:

1. How long does it take for a divorce be final in Oklahoma? 

Answer. When no children are involved, the divorce can be final in as little as 10 days, depending on the court dockets.

Answer 2. Most noteworthy when children are involved, the divorce normally takes at least 90 days before the Decree gets presented to a judge. Sometimes, people have pressing circumstances and ask for a 90 Day Waiver. If they Judge agrees to sign that, then the divorce might be granted much earlier than the required 90 Days. That’s completely up to your judge.

2. Is OK a no fault state?

Answer. This link here (Oklahoma divorce Grounds) lists the grounds for divorce in Oklahoma. All of our documents provided are drafted as No Fault under the grounds of incompatibility. So, if you have questions regarding your grounds, you should ask a licensed attorney for legal advice relating to the status of the grounds in your divorce.

3.  Am I called a Plaintiff if I’m the spouse who files?

Answer. In Oklahoma, the person who files for divorce is called “Petitioner.” Therefore, the other spouse is called “Respondent.”

4. What if my divorce becomes contested?

Answer. Articles On Divorce sees many cases each year! We are happy to help you settle your divorce. In our Mediated Divorce Option, one thing that we always tell people is that if people always agreed, we wouldn’t have a job! It’s our #1 job to help settle contentious divorces! As a result, we are very excited to help educate both parties on the divorce process and to provide a process that allows for simple resolution of problems. PLEASE reach out to us if you have a contested case! We see plenty of cases and probably have a settlement process built just for you!

5. Can you give me legal advice?

Answer. Much as you would like, the answer is NO! Only a licensed attorney can give you legal advice! Therefore, we can refer you to several different attorneys if you need legal advice!

6. If I purchase the do your own divorce in Oklahoma option, and my spouse doesn’t sign, can you have him served?

Answer. We have relationships with multiple process servers across the state! Hence, we have no problem helping you find a process server to serve you spouse with a Petition and Summons!

7. How much does it cost to get started?

Answer. The do your own divorce in Oklahoma option starts at $150.00 without children involved, while minor children are present in the marriage, then the prices start at $250.00.

Mediated Settlement starts at $400.00 with the mediator.

Most of all, we are here to help make this divorce case conclude in the most non-dramatic manner as is possible. Almost every case we deal with starts out complicated but ends up being amicable. Consequently, the people who choose to use our services seem to be the happiest with the outcome. While some people are unable to reach an agreement, almost all of our cases find an agreement to settle on.


Finally, we can only assist if you contact us. Feel free to send us a message or schedule an appointment with us in person. To do so, simply give us a call and we will be delighted to put you on the road to closure. The next chapter in your life may be as little as 10 days away! In addition to superb customer support, our promise to you us unbiased approach in our dealings with both parties. Either one of you can call our office and speak about your in complete confidentiality. Therefore, call us today! Send us a message!